History Revision and Resources

Year 11 History Revision

These are for Crime and Punishment (unit 3). Included are practice questions, plans for the essay question (Q7), revision cards to be completed by students (if you haven’t done so already) and a revision guide.

  • Crime (exam questions): docx or pdf
  • Crime Q7 (ideas).pptx, here
  • Revision Cards (Crime – questions).pptx, here
  • Revision Guide (VWD): docx or pdf

Year 11 History Support

These are for the Britain unit (Unit 1, Depression, War and Recovery). Included are practice questions, WJEC revision booklet, Structures for Q2, Q4 and Q5 and revision cards for students to complete themselves.

  • Britain (exam questions): doc or pdf
  • Dep, War, Rec WJEC: pdf
  • Exam Q 4.pptx: here
  • Q2 Examples.pptx: here
  • Q5 Examples.pptx: here
  • Revision Cards (Britain – questions).pptx: here

Year 10 History Support and Year 11 Re-sit

Support for Y10 Germany exam and those in year 11 who are resitting (unit 2).

Included are revision cards (for you to complete), practice exam questions and exam practice for Q5.

Revision guides are available on  Amazon, here.

  • Blank Revision Cards (Germany).pptx: here
  • Exam Question 5 ideas.pptx: here
  • Practice questions KQ1-KQ7: doc or pdf
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