D&T Year 7

May 11th 2020

Thanks to all the pupils who sent their ninja phone holder photos I have been really impressed with your designs there were some really creative work, congratulations to Ryan Williams who won the prize for his high quality design.

Following last weeks task on sustainability please complete the following task:

Up cycling / recycling competition.

Your challenge over the next 2 weeks is to make different products using any waste from your recycling box. There are lots of things that can be done with items such as milk bottles, cardboard and toilet roll tubes or anything you normally throw away. Remember to wash it out properly and take care with sharp edges. You can look for ideas off the internet. Possible ideas could be a children’s toy or a storage system just use your imagination. Again there will be a prize for the most creative. Please email your photos to Roberts518@hwbcymru.net


April 29th 2020

(Key stage 3)Year 7, 8 and 9- D&T

Sustainability project- (see attached worksheet for more information)

Task 1:

Pupils to watch a video on YouTube about sustainability. They then produce a leaflet about sustainability using the question sheet to cover a range of key points.

Task 2:

Look through the internet and at home to see if you can find products that have been made from waste materials. These can be called “up-cycled products”. (Full instructions found on worksheet on school website).


April 22nd 2020

D&T Work for pupils in years 7, 8 and 9

Phone Holder Challenge

Pupils to build the cardboard ninja phone holder following the instructions below. Pupils can then try to create their own separate design. Please email photos of your work (with a phone on it) to robertsd518@hwbcymru.net Again, prizes will be given to the best and most creative ideas when school starts back.

Good luck,
Mr Roberts

  • Ninja phone holder plan: here
  • NINJA PHONE STAND instructions: here