D&T Year 10

June 29th 2020

Work for the final 3 weeks
Well done to all those pupils who have produced the 3d drawings last week.

Following on from this I have set 2 more videos on google classroom ,and your task is to watch these and again have a go at completing these new drawing tasks. Once completed can you photograph your work and upload onto google classroom, or email them to me.

In addition to this there is a quiz on smart and composite materials that you need to complete when you have watched the you tube video clip.

Good luck. If you have any problems please email Robertsd518@hwbcymru.net

June 15th 2020

Log onto google classroom and watch the attached video carefully (turn your volume up to full!). Then draw out the shapes that are shown on paper and try to shade in colour them by following the instructions carefully.

Extension task is to draw some items at home in isometric.​

Please upload any photos of your work onto google classroom by clicking “hand in” or email them to me at Robertsd518@hwbcymru.net

Good luck and looking forward to seeing you soon.

June 1st 2020

Work for the next 2 weeks:

  1. Complete the plastic processes quiz on google classroom.
  2. Complete the Sustainability task on google classroom.

May 11th 2020

Year 10 Design and Technology Work

Well done all the pupils who have already logged onto google classroom and Seneca learning I am really pleased with your work here. If you haven’t logged on yet please can you do so quickly. If you have any problems please email me on Robertsd518@hwbcymru.net

For the next 2 weeks I have set 2 tasks for you.

Task 1- log onto Seneca learning again (the instructions can be found on google classroom if you have not logged on before- otherwise use the same login as last time) and work through the task that I have set to go through unit 1. Core technical principles (new emerging technologies) and 1.2 (energy generation and storage). Like last time read the information carefully and then answer the questions that follow. ​

Task 2- Using waste card create mini models for a new chair design. The designs of the chair should be suitable for teenagers to be able to relax in their garden. Can you please email me any photos to Robertsd518@hwbcymru.net or upload them to me on google classroom.

Mr Roberts

April 27th 2020

Work for Year 10 Design and Technology- Mr Roberts

Pupils to log onto google classroom and complete the task set (“Seneca learning task- this will involve logging onto a new website please follow the instructions on google classroom”)

Google classroom can be accessed through your hwb account if you have any questions or problems please email RobertsD518@hwbcymru.net


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