History at KS4 (Years 10-11)

History is an optional subject at GCSE. We follow Route A, WJEC specification . Over the two years students study a twentieth century History course. The course is divided into 4 units (all worth 25% each).

Pupils are taught in mixed ability groups and have 5 lessons over the two-week timetable.


Specification Content:

Unit 1: Depth Study – Depression, War and Recovery 1930-51 (25%)
Life in Britain during the 1930s Depression
The impact/effects of World War Two in Britain
The recovery of Britain after World War Two

Unit 2: Depth Study – Germany, 1929-47 (25%)
The Rise of the Nazis
Life in Germany under Hitler
The defeat of Germany in World War Two

Unit 3: Outline Study: The Development of the USA, 1930-2000 (25%)
Changing life in the USA
Racism in the USA
America and its relationships with the wider world (e.g. Vietnam)

Unit 4: Controlled Assessment (25%)
Controlled assessment of 1500 words on an aspect of British or World History (e.g. Jack the Ripper or Nelson Mandela)

Key Skills

The following key skills can be developed through the study of History at GCSE:-

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Working with Others
  • Improving Own Learning and Performance
  • Application of Number

Pupils are regularly assessed throughout the two year course and learn how to improve their performance by completing past paper questions. They also have a mock examination in year 11.
Units 1-3 are examined via three 75 minute examination (one of which can be sat in Year 10). Unit 4 will be internally assessed as a controlled assessment.

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