Geography Year 7

June 23rd 2020

Reduce, Resuse, Recycle

For all Year 7: Watch the two videos then create a poster on how you and your family can help use less plastic waste

June 15th 2020

Instructions: Test your knowledge by watching the video. Re-watch them until you can match most of the flags to the correct country. Aim to state the answer before the answer is given. You could also test your family members too!

Then choose your favourite flag – create a poster about that country showing the flag and any interesting information you can find out about it.

June 2nd 2020



Watch video
Create a ‘fact file’ for each Continent
Sketch a map of the world. Label all 7 Continents

May 12th 2020

Work for Year 7

Follow the ppt to design your own shopping centre. You could draw it, use your ICT skills, or build it! You can work alone or enlist the help of your family members if you wish

April 29th 2020

Work for Year 7


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