English Revision Resources

For Year 7 Students

  • Mabinogion Project Year 7.pptx: here
  • Accelerated Reader: docx or pdf

For Year 8 Students

  • Accelerated Reader: docx or pdf
  • Shakespeare and his Globe Theatre Booklet: doc or pdf

For Year 9 Students

  • Short stories home learning tasks: docx or pdf

For Year 10 Students

  • Of Mice and Men Revision.pptx, here
  • ‘Of Mice and Men’ sample questions: doc or pdf

For Year 11 Students

  • 1 mark questions.pptx here
  • Compare powerpoint.pptx here
  • Compare Questions work booklet.pptx here
  • Explain_Comprehension powerpoint.pptx here
  • Explain_Comprehension work booklet.pptx here
  • How Questions powerpoint.pptx here
  • How Questions work booklet.pptx here
  • Synthesise powerpoint.pptx here
  • Synthesise work booklet.pptx here

GCSE English Language Mock Papers

  • Fairtrade GCSE paper 2017: here
  • Fairtrade reading sources: here
  • Outdoor activities GCSE paper 2017: here
  • Outdoor activities reading sources: here
  • Selfie GCSE paper 2018: here
  • Selfie Reading Resources: here




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