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Online Applications for School Places

Wrexham Local Authority has purchased software to offer parents the opportunity to apply for a Wrexham CBC school place for their children electronically, through the medium of English or Welsh. The introduction of the service, from September 2013, was discussed at the Admission Forum on 10 April 2013 and members agreed that a move to on-line applications was the way forward.

The new service will enable the LA to communicate with parents electronically through every stage of the admissions process and will allow them the opportunity to amend their applications up until the published closing date. The on-line service will allow the LA to provide an electronic service to parents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This project complies with the Council’s Green Strategy as the majority of correspondence with parents will become electronic and it is anticipated that the LA will receive approximately 80% of applications on line.

From September 2013 the Admissions Service will cease to circulate application forms to schools. A small number of printed application forms will be made available from Contact Wrexham for those parents who do not wish to use the new on-line service. Should some parents prefer to complete a hard copy, they will be asked to return the application directly to the Local Authority Admissions Service. The new service will relieve schools of the burden of circulating and collating application forms.

Should headteachers/admission officers wish to check up on preferences received for their schools, they will have password access to a ‘view only’ web portal for their school where all preference applications will be listed. The Admissions Service will continue to send files out to primary schools so that they can check that all their year 6 pupils have submitted an application.

The Parents Guide to Education Services in Wrexham will be available to view on their website and schools will receive a copy to retain in the office for information purposes. Copies will also be made available at Contact Wrexham and Wrexham libraries. Parents can also request a hard copy by contacting the Local Authority Admission Team.

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