School Counsellor

Ms. Janet Butler is our School Counsellor.

She can be contacted through the main school office on 01978 822 392

Who can see the counsellor

The Counselling Service is for any pupil in the school who has a worry or concern and needs support to deal with it.

Why see the counsellor?

Young people come to counselling for a variety of reasons. They may include issues to do with: Home and Family; School Friendship/Relationships; Personal Matters; Emotional Health and Well being- e.g. anger, depression etc.

What Happens in Counselling?

You get the opportunity to:

Talk in private what is on your mind.
Be listened to without being judged.
Explore and consider the choices you have.
Be supported to make changes in your life.
Feel empowered.
Begin to address issues


What you say in counselling is not repeated to others, without your agreement, unless, there are serious concerns about your safety or another person’s safety


Telephone: 01978 822392