Bank of America Visit

Recently, Bank of America attended Ysgol Rhiwabon, where students from Year 8 and 9 took part in fun organised computer programming activities.

As a relaxer the students started by building a tower made out of spaghetti, masking tape and string. The object was to see who could create the highest. This set the scene and students were relaxed and ready for more fun.

There were 3 activities set out from Scratch, Python and Raspberry Pi. Students were placed into groups and were challenged to beat the time allocated to achieve the result required. It was challenging, and most students did very well and enjoyed the activities.

Prizes, rangind from water bottles to piggy banks, were given for the best teams .

Mr P Slater, ICT Teacher said,

‘’ It was a fun few hours and students really enjoyed themselves in a relaxed but challenging atmosphere. Bank of America were great and really made IT programming come alive for the students’’.


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