Update on Major Investment Projects at Ysgol Rhiwabon

Following on from last year’s investment projects, (https://www.ysgolrhiwabon.co.uk/4-major-investment-projects/ ) the school and Wrexham County Council have invested further in the infrastructure of the school.

There have been three major investment projects this year by Wrexham County Council, plus the repairs and maintenance works undertaken by the school itself.

The projects are –

1) Completion of the Science and Technology Building Upgrade

The exterior of the building has seen a complete new and up to date roof installed across the whole building, with the latest insulation, along with the removal of old skylights, to be replaced with new, more effective sky lights.

Inside, new more energy efficient lighting has been installed, along with a new emergency lighting system to increase safety. New ceiling tiles and interior skylights compliment the lighting system to make the interior environment more pleasant to pupils and staff to work in.

The update of T10, one of our IT Suites will be ready for use in September to compliment the use of mobile technology now widely used at the school, utilising the previous summer IT infrastructure project to improve the wi-fi on the site.

Finally, the walls of the block have been repaired and painted to provide a lighter, airy feel to the inside of the building.

More photos here.


2) New Toilet facilities for pupils

The main toilet facilities for pupils have been fully updated with more modern and energy efficient fixtures and fittings, for the benefit of pupils whilst at school.

More photos here.

3) Driveway

The main driveway to and around the school has been removed and replaced with improved curbing. More photos here


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