Yes or No to Groves Destruction?

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A huge school site inside the town of Wrexham may be completely destroyed in the next year. The school was shut down and joined up with another school, known as Bryn Offa, to make a super school in 2003, now known as Ysgol Clywedog. The Bryn Offa site was put into use, whereas The Groves School still sits abandoned; with no young voices penetrating its hallways.

The Wrexham council has now got involved with the old building and has started discussing what the building should be used for. Some people disagree with this and have shown their dedication to the building by actively protesting to save a key monument of history.

Does our opinion matter?
In the next few weeks the vote will be held by the council to make a final decision. We do know the council’s executive is on our side as he spoke out and says” I have fears of Wrexham’s heritage disappearing”. Our view at Ysgol Rhiwabon is that we should value our schools, historical or otherwise, and safeguard the education of our young people.

Some of the students at Ysgol Rhiwabon spoke out about what they think should happen to this historical building. Tom of year 9 says “The school should not be demolished as it is that old it has become a part off Wrexham history and a monument to the former students”. In response to the proposed destruction of the building one student said, “It depends how run down the building is inside and if the council has the money to invest in such a significant regeneration”.

Another student suggested that, “The building should be destroyed and put into something useful because, at the moment, it’s just an empty waste of space. It is way too dangerous for the people who live within the area to leave abandoned.”

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