Year 9 IT Girls Allowed Event

On Thursday 25th January, nine year 9 students were invited to an IT Girls Allowed event, at Barclays Technology Centre in Knutsford. The focus of the day was to showcase the types of exciting careers available within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 130 girls attended, from 10 schools.

The first session the girls faced was an innovation workshop, where they were asked to design the future. They could design an app or a device that they’d like to see in the future. They all came up with some fantastic ideas, ranging from remote controlled lawn mowers, to an eye mask you could wear when you slept that allowed you to select your dreams.

Jess 9EMT was shortlisted and had to give a presentation to the whole group about her self-cleaning rabbit hutch that was powered by poo power. Jess enjoyed the challenge and was placed as a runner up. Bendigedig Jess!

The second session was a cryptography task, where the girls got to practice their code breaking skills using Ceasar, Keyword and Vigenère Ciphers. During this session Ruby 9SVT had to solve a Rubik’s Cube on stage and the girls came first with 35 encryptions solved. Arddechog girls!

Test your code breaking skills here:

The third session was a robotics challenge where the girls had to work in pairs to program a robot to follow a track. This was the session they most enjoyed.

It was a fantastic day enjoyed by both the girls and the staff. Hope to see you next year Barclays.