Year 11 Exam Support and Important Information

Summer 2017 External Exams and Revision Workshop Timetable

Download the Summer 2017 External Exams and Revision Workshop Timetable here.

Important Information for Year 11  Students and Parents

As you will already be aware the formal GCSE and vocational examinations begin at the end of this half term. All students have a copy of their individual timetable and the first examination is on 9th May. Apart from Welsh revision and the two Welsh examinations lessons will continue as normal during that week. Year 11 move over to a revision timetable from Monday 15th May. We have enclosed this timetable for your information.

From 15th May we will be supporting students through the intense examination period. Lessons will continue in all subjects preparing for the external papers. In addition, we have planned workshops timetabled before each examination to remind students of important points and to answer any last minute questions they may have. Feedback from parents, and the students, is that revision at home during the school day is not the best way to focus and we want to ensure your son/daughter is fully prepared.

Once the revision timetable begins on Monday 15th May students do not have to wear school uniform but they still need to adhere to the rules about hair styles, hair colour and facial piercings. We expect our students to wear casual clothes appropriate for school. This is something they appreciate as they are preparing for post-16 study. They will be expected to remain on site during the lunch period which will be earlier in the day for them ready for afternoon examinations which start at 1pm.

From lunchtime on Tuesday 13th June Year 11 students are no longer required to attend school unless they have revision sessions or examinations to sit as the majority of examinations  will have been completed by then. In addition, staff will continue to run revision sessions after school and during the Half Term Holiday. We will be providing information about half term holiday revision sessions nearer the time.

We realise that this is an important time for you and your child and if we can help in any way please contact us in school to arrange a meeting with the relevant staff. We would like to take this opportunity to wish your child every success in the summer examinations and to thank you for your support.