Welsh Department Easter News 2014

Welsh A Level students interview Susan Elan JonesOur Welsh A Level students were recently fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview Susan Elan Jones, MP for Clwyd South.

Susan Elan Jones visited the school to present the group with the medals they’d been awarded for winning the Welsh Filming Competition for the Wrexham schools and colleges.

As Susan is a Welsh learner herself the group took advantage of the opportunity to interview her in Welsh as practise for their Speaking exam. Not many students have the opportunity to prepare for their Welsh speaking exam with an MP!

Year 9 Welsh Glan Llyn residential course

In February a group of us from Year 9 had the opportunity to stay at Glan Llyn near Bala. We got to do activities such as canoeing, swimming, raft building, rock climbing, walking and bowling. Our favourite was building the raft because it was fun to build and we tested it out on the lake!

While we were at the camp we practised our Welsh by asking for food in the canteen and having short conversations with the instructors. We liked it there because we were encouraged to try out our Welsh at every opportunity.

On our second day there was a heavy storm and the power went out; this of course added to the excitement. One of the instructors brought us treats and supplies from the vending machines so that we could have a picnic in the dark!

It was fun to be with our friends, we really enjoyed the experience and would love to go again.

Caitlin McHugh and Katie Rose 9MTJ

Hwyl a sbri blwyddyn 9 yng Ngwersyll Glan Llyn
Aethon ni i Lan Llyn yn Chwefror. Mwynheuon ni’r profiad achos gwnaethon ni lawer o weithgareddau. Heb os nac onibai roedd nofio yn y pwll nofio cynnes yn wych. Roedd y tywydd yn stormus a gwlyb ond cawson ni lawer o hwyl. Roedd y bwyd yn flasus a hyfryd. Aethon ni am dri diwrnod. Roedden ni wrth ein bodd gyda’r canwio achos roedd y llyn yn anhygoel. Arhoson ni mewn llofft anferth i bump person. Does dim dwywaith amdani, hoffen ni fynd i Llan Llyn eto.

Katie Rose a Caitlin McHugh 9MTJ