Toyota/Welsh Rally/Big Bang Trip

On Thursday November the 12th 24 year 10 Engineers had the opportunity to do 3 visits in one day.

Firstly we went to the Toyota Engine Plant on Deeside and see their new Hybrid engines being made.  The plant makes over 400 engines per day and they are exported all around the world and some of their engines power the new Lotus sports cars.  We walked the length of the production line and were able to see the robots and people working together.

At the same time the Welsh Rally was based outside and we were able to see many of the cars and the teams preparing the cars for the rally.  All the top drivers and teams were there and there was the opportunity to meet Elfyn Evans who finished 6th in the rally.

As part of the rally there was also the Big Bang Exhibition of Technology where we saw a range of hi-tech machinery including several virtual tours, 3D printers, robots and also the Bloodhound car which will be attempting the world land speed record next year. We were able to operate robots, take virtual tours and race rocket cars.

It was a really exciting day.