Sixth Form

A quality sixth form (98% pass rate at A level)

The Sixth form has an excellent reputation. There has been a steady improvement in examination results over the past few years, culminating in our students’ outstanding success in 2010 in A levels, BTECs and in the Welsh Baccalaureate.

We pride ourselves on giving support to all students, those who find the work challenging and the most able students. Our small classes enable us to give all students the individual attention they need.

Making the right choices

Our aim is to ensure that students have an appropriate mixture of academic and vocational courses to choose from, and to provide them with a proper balance of supervision and real opportunities to develop independence. In order to achieve this, students can have Ysgol Rhiwabon as their home base and study courses at Yale College and Penley.

The Welsh Baccalaureate qualification will provide opportunities for students to gain key skills qualifications, to learn about Wales in a European/world context, to improve language skills, to study a range of PSE topics and to take part in work experience, enterprise and community activities. The result for our students is a broad educational experience and a qualification which is highly regarded with universities and employers.

Our sixth formers also benefit from greater freedom as well as the chance to exercise more responsibility. Many of our students contribute to worthwhile activities in school such as our Talking Newspaper for the Blind, paired reading scheme and support for younger pupils in lesson.

Continuing studies at Ruabon

For all our students the security of knowing what they’re doing next year; knowing the place and a lot of the people in it is important. Students from other 11 -16 schools also join us at Sixth form and are quickly assimilated into the social life of students.

There you will have continuity of pastoral and teaching staff at a time when things move fairly quickly: a sixth form career is a brief affair – one or two years seem to rush by at some speed!

If you join the Sixth form from another school, your situation in the Sixth form is hardly any different. In a small sixth form we get to know you and your needs quickly. We want you to succeed and are committed to helping you in every possible way. We promise that you will feel at home and on course in no time!

Student support

In the sixth form we encourage students to be more independent, and in the end their success or failure depends on them.

We do however, place considerable importance on monitoring the progress of individual students, discussing it with them and setting targets for improvement. We see communication with parents as very important. Our student support and monitoring structures are designed to ensure as far as possible that our students succeed.

The Ruabon Sixth Form: security and quality

Full details of all courses, BTEC, A/S, A2 and the Welsh Baccalaureate can be downloaded here.

Your programme of courses will be negotiated individually with your personal tutor and Lead Learner. Entry to some courses will depend on your existing skills and knowledge and of course your GCSE qualifications.

Your eventual courses will be determined by your career hopes, your interests, and the balance which will be required in all education programmes. The need for breadth is built into the new post-16 curriculum.

Through our guidance system we aim to ensure that our students are helped to make proper choices at the outset, and to check that progress is being maintained.

Kathleen Davies Bursaries

Students following A level courses in our sixth form are eligible to apply for financial support from this trust. Its purpose is to assist students undertaking higher education courses by making a contribution to their course fees.

For further information and application forms Mrs T Meinken at the school.

The future

…………… challenging but bright! Make sure you get the best results you can at GCSE or BTEC and we look forward to welcoming you to the Ysgol Rhiwabon Sixth Form.