Vivo Miles


What is Vivo Miles?

Vivo Miles is a new online rewards system where the currency is electronic points called Vivos. Teachers award their students Vivos for their achievements and positive actions according to the reward criteria set by the school.

How does it work?

Each pupil gets a private online profile where they can check how many points they have earned and know the actions they were rewarded for as well as the teacher or member of staff that awarded those points.

Students can redeem their points in an online catalogue where they can choose from a range of products approved by the school.

What is my role as a Parent/Carer?

Vivo Miles allows for parents and carers to monitor their child’s activity online and to be aware of their achievements. This half term all parents and carers will have been sent a letter home explaining what Vivo is and giving a username and password to log on and view where your child has been rewarded.

Vivo helps to boost grades!

Vivo has been helping schools to improve student grades all over the country. Now parents and carers can play their part! By setting targets with associated rewards in the Vivo parent module you can help to drive improvements in your child’s learning. Making a simple pledge to add that extra level of incentive (e.g. “earn 200 Vivos and we will take you to the cinema”).


You can learn more about Vivo in the following video: