News From France – Day 3

Today was a more subdued day.

We left our hotel, with everything packed, to move on to Paris. We had a 2 hour drive to Rouen, where we spent the afternoon.

First, we all visited the famous Rouen Cathedral. The Cathedral, itself, features the tallest church spire in France, and is famous for being the place where Richard the Lionheart’s heart is buried.

After a look around the Cathedral we were all given some free time to explore the City. While many of the students went to explore the local delicacies (a trip to McDonald’s), the staff and a small number of students, followed the journey of Joan of Arc’s trial and death.

After a couple of hours exploring, we hopped on the bus and headed for our final destination. We drove through Paris, where Mrs Appleby was able to talk the students through the sites as we passed them.

The evening consisted of the vast majority of the party following the England and Croatia World Cup Semi-Final, which ultimately left Mrs Cooper and Mr Tonks devastated.

We all headed off to bed eager for a good nights sleep ahead of our final day of the trip at Disneyland Paris.