News From France – Day 2

Tuesday started off early, with the majority of students feeling refreshed after a long day of travelling the day before. This was to be a day full of activities.

To start we went to Caramel d’Isigny where we were able to watch the famous caramels being made, as well as tasting some samples. Mr Tonks enjoyed this more than most.

After a trip around the gift shop, we made our way to the American Cemetery in Colleville -sur Mer. This proved to be an eye opening, and humbling, experience as we all walked around the cemetery in awe of the number of graves. The students represented the school fantastically and behaved with dignity at all times.

We then travelled on to Arromanches where, after a short stop in the historic town, lunch, and a trip onto the beach for some, we made our way to the 360 Cinema, where we caught a glimpse of the big role that this small town played in the victory push during the Second World War.

Our final stop for the day was the Bayeux Tapestry museum, where we discovered even more about the history that connects France and our own home country.

After a busy day we returned to the hotel for our evening meal and some relaxation.

Some of us watched the France vs Belgium football match. Mrs Appleby got very excited and was regularly shouting at the TV. She was naturally absolutely delighted when France finally won.