News From France – Day 2

After a good nights sleep, we were all feeling fresher and ready for a busy day. Following a traditional continental breakfast, we jumped on the bus to the first attraction of the day.

Arromanches is a beautiful place with stunning views that played a vital role in the war effort, particularly around D-Day. Here we went to the 360 cinema and watched how the battles had played out on the beaches and saw the role that Arromanches had played. Fittingly after this we travelled to the American cemetery and walked around the memorials to those who gave their lives in the war. A very moving experience.

After a short stop for lunch, we moved on to D’Isigny where we visited the Caramel factory. Here we learnt how the caramel is made and had an opportunity to try out the tasty caramels! Much to Mr Tonks’ delight.

On route to our final destination we stopped at another War Cemetery, this time the British Cemetery of Bayeux, this was once again a very moving experience for some of our students. Our final destination for the day was Bayeux where we visited the Tapestry and learnt more about the story leading up to and around the Battle of Hastings. Following this there was opportunity to look around the beautiful town of Bayeux.

We made our way back to the hotel for our evening meal and once again headed to the park to play some sports, including a very competitive game of ‘Kick Rounders’. It was straight to bed when we got back to prepare for our journey to Paris the following day.