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Wrexham Football Club have been awarded a 99 year lease on their stadium The Racecourse, which is 150 years old! Glyndwr University bought the ground and fans group ‘Wrexham Supporters Trust’ in 2011 for £300,00. This will continue the reign of one of the oldest most iconic stadiums in the whole world, in fact the third oldest stadium in the entire world!

The deal does not include Colliers Park (Wrexham’s training ground). The stadium will be owned by the university, but the day-to-day operating of it will come under the remit of the trust, and therefore include catering, events, conferences and maintenance.

No one exactly knows what it means yet, but the theory is that the club will have an additional revenue stream from match days. As it stands, Glyndwr University operate the Racecourse on a match day and therefore take all profits. When the deal is finalised however, it will angle to generate additional funds on a match day to boost their financial supply to the club.

Interim Vice Chandler Professor Graham Upton said, “The University and Wrexham FC have enjoyed a close relationship for many years, they felt it was the right time for the club to regain control of the stadium,” Glyndwr University also said, “ As a University at the heart of the community, we want to see Wrexham thrive and grow both on and off the pitch.”

Garin Jones from ‘Wrexham Supporters Trust’ added:-

“The SGM is to be held during the week after Easter to approve the transaction. This is another exciting chapter in our history!”

This is one transfer that will definitely make it into the history books. Obviously it is a fantastic movement for the fans too. Fans and future generations of Wrexham FC to come will be able to watch their favourite club for at least another 99 years at the Racecourse. This is an extra bonus to the club’s recent win streak, who are currently positioned at 8th in the Conference League.

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