The Day Ysgol Rhiwabon Went on an Expedition

On Friday 3rd February Google Expeditions visited Ysgol Rhiwabon with 60 Virtual Reality headsets, and took all our students from KS3 and KS4 on a variety of expeditions.

Year 10 started the day by following a raspberry’s trip through the digestive system, providing our GCSE students with a unique inner body experience.

Year 8 got to visit Antarctica and got up close with Gentoo Penguins and Leopard Seals, as well as seeing the glaciers, fjords and volcanic peaks. An experience that would otherwise be out of reach.

Year 9 visited the trenches of World War 1, to experience what trench warfare was like. They got to see the living conditions in the trenches and the weapons used.

Year 11 had an in the body experience looking at the respiratory system, and the effects smoking can have on the lungs.

Year 7 visited the site of the Battle of Hastings; they got to view the battlefield and Bath Abbey.

Year 12 geography students got to climb Everest, without the effort and need of equipment.

The staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the day, commenting on what a fantastic experience it was, with many wishing they could do it again, expressing that it was like a once in a lifetime experience and really realistic.

Thank you Google Expeditions for coming to Ysgol Rhiwabon and giving our students a tremendous experience.