Bad News for Football Fans


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The fans of most premier league clubs are paying between £15 and £126 for match-day tickets this season. Most clubs are charging £1,995 per person; these clubs are Arsenal, Chelsea, Crystal palace, Manchester City and Tottenham hotspur.

Liverpool supporters protested about proposed plans to increase the price of many tickets; the average price of the cheapest match-day ticket from the premier league to league two has risen by 13% since 2011. That is a 90.02% rise!

Fans at Liverpool F.C are losing patience at Anfield and are disappointed because ticket prices have gone up from £49 to £77. When Liverpool F.C played Sunderland at Anfield, 10,000 Liverpool fans staged a walkout on the 77th minute due to the rise in ticket prices.

Soon stadiums could be filled with half-hearted fans if ticket prices rise further. The FSF is meeting fans’ groups to discuss further action, including a potential mass walkout across a weekend of Premier League fixtures.

Most football fans are complaining about the ticket rises but they want the best possible players for the team and they need to find the money from somewhere. Since the protest by the Liverpool fans, Ian Ayre, the owner, has backed down and apologised about the ticket prices.

Alex G
BBC News School Report 2016

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