School Staff

MA Appleby Mrs M Temp French & 9MA Form Tutor
HB Bartlett Mrs H Learning Support Assistant
PB Bingham Mr P Temp Assistant Headteacher; PE; Lead Learner Year 9
JB Blaze Mr J ICT, D&T, Welsh Bacc & 11JB Form Tutor
ND Bottomley Mrs N Temp Performing Arts & Health and Social Care (p/t)
SB Bourhill Miss S English, Sociology, Welsh Bacc Co-ordinator & 11AD Form Tutor
DB Brown MR D Learning Support Assistant
AC Cahill Mrs A Curriculum Leader Geography
ACT Carter Mr A ICT Network Manager and AVA Technician
LC Carter Miss L Learning Support Assistant
JC Coulson Miss J Science Technician
SC Cooper Mrs S Curriculum Leader for Media; Sociology; Lead Learner Year 11
WC Cox Mrs W PA to the Headteacher/Clerk to the Governing Body
ADM Devereux Mrs A Curriculum Leader Mathematics
AD Duncan-Wild Mrs A English, Media & 11AD Form Tutor (currently on mat leave)
AE Edwards Mrs A Data & Systems Support Co-ordinator (p/t)
JE Ellison Miss J Curriculum Leader for English
GTE Evans Mr G Business  Manager
MFE Ferron-Evans Mrs M Headteacher
JF Forman Mr J Assistant Headteacher; Child Protection & Geography
KF Forrester Miss K KS3 Co-ordinator Mathematics; Welsh Bacc & Lead Learner Year 10
LF Forrester Mrs L Admin Support Services (p/t)
JG Gittins Mrs J Temp Joint Curriculum Leader for History & 10JGH Form Tutor
JG Gordon Mr J KS3 Co-ordinator Science, Temp PSHE Co-ordinator & 7JGS Form Tutor
EG Griffiths Miss E Food Technology (p/t)
DH Hellen Mrs D Pastoral Support Manager
CH Hodson Mr C Maths & 9CH Form Tutor
MJH Hough Mrs M Admin & Cover for Headteacher’s PA
CH Hughes Mrs C Teaching Assistant; Learning Coach; Temp CoPE
MH Hughes Mr M Technology Technician
AJ Jones Miss A Curriculum Leader PE & 9AJ Form Tutor
AJR Jones Miss A Reprographics Technician
FJ Jones Mrs F Learning Support Assistant
LJ Jones Mrs L Teaching Assistant Behaviour Support; Learning Coach; Temp CoPE
MTJ Jones Mrs M Curriculum Leader Welsh, Basic Skills & 7MTJ Form Tutor
WJ Jones Mrs W Office Manager
JL Lloyd Mrs J Learning Support Assistant
LMJ Madoc-Jones Mrs L Temp Curriculum Leader for Art, & 11LMJ Form
TM Meincken Mrs T Key Skills Administration Post 16; Library Co-ordinator & Sixth Form Leadership
GMS Mills Mrs G Temp Science
DM Moneypenny Mrs D Exams Officer/Cover Administration; EMA Co-ordination
NM Moneypenny Mr N Site Maintenance
SNS Nash Miss S Science & 8SNS Form Tutor
AN Navarro Mrs A Head of ALN & 10AN Form Tutor
DN Nuttall Mr D Curriculum Leader Technology & 11DN Form Tutor
FP Paull Mrs F Curriculum Leader French; Lead Learner Year 7
EP Pilkington Miss E RS & 7EPR Form Tutor
JP Pound Miss J Learning Support Assistant
CR Richards Mrs C Art (p/t)
MR Robinson Mr M Curriculum Leader Science & 7MR Form Tutor
HS Savva Mrs H Temp Assistant Headteacher/Curriculum Leader RS
LS Steen Mrs L Welsh; Lead Learner Year 8
SVT Tarver Mrs S Music, Temp Curriculum Leader & 8SVT Form Tutor
CT Terhorst Miss C Parental Engagement Officer
ET Thomas Mrs E Teacher of ICT, Temp Digital Literacy Leader & 8EMT Form Tutor
JT Thomas Mrs J Learning Support Assistant
JTP Tonks Mr J PE & 10JTP Form Tutor
CW Williams Mrs C Learning Support Assistant
PW Williams Mrs P KS3 Co-ordinator English, Basic Skills & 10PW Form
TW Williams Mr T Site Maintenance
VW Wright-Davies Mrs V History and Temp CL, Geography, Welsh Bacc & 9VW Form
BY Young Miss B Temp Teacher of Maths

ESW Service

Sarah Gray     Education Social Worker
Julie Mayos      Attendance Officer
Hayley Roberts       Attendance Officer